Thursday, August 18, 2016

Countess Vaughn "Do You Love Him?" Video Review

Well. From what I have been seeing on social media, Lisa Wu has been receiving the brunt of the criticism for Countess Vaughn's new video for the song "Do You Love Him?" I wouldn't solely pin it on Lisa....I would include everyone who touched this project. Sounds as if Countess wrote the song. If so, she should have hired a writer. The track sounds like a B-list movie soundtrack. That also puts the producer on the hook, slightly. The sound quality comes up short. I once used vocals recorded on an iphone to make a mixtape and although that's not the ideal way of recording vocals, I was able to produce a final product a few steps above what you hear in this video and I don't know much about mixing vocals. So I am putting the engineer on the hook. If she recorded it in her house, I'm putting her house on the hook. One thing I didn't have a problem with was the video quality. It was up to par although I didn't understand the video plot. Maybe I am just slow but I had no idea what was what or who was who. I also believe Countess should have be singing the song during the performance shot instead of whatever that was she was doing. Who did they run the final product by? Who said this ish is hot...let it ride? I wonder what Todd Tucker thinks of the video since it represents his brand by default. Hell, Countess could have have bought a song from Kandi. As always, this is only my opinion. Judge it for yourself or not. This is entertainment and I'm just having fun.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Selling Beats to other Producers. Is that you?

DJ Pain 1 is not immune to other producers trying to sell him beats. One such producer explains why he did it.

Video courtesy of DJ Pain 1 and BeatStars.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dear Mr. Ryan Cameron:

A few days ago while in my car, I tuned in to radio station V-103. Ryan Cameron and Wanda were discussing a town hall meeting that was to occur in Atlanta the next day. I asked myself why....why do we need a town hall meeting? I also question the effectiveness of us blocking the interstate. Usually when I get frustrated with world matters I turn to social media and anybody who will listen. I tweeted the words below to Ryan Cameron and also below is his response. My first reaction was wow...someone is listening. I sent a follow up tweet to ask for a generic email address where I could correspond with him about the things I have done and my ideas. But of course the conversation ended with my tweet.

There are many people out there who have ideas about achieving this change everybody wants and requests. I am one of those people. We have to formulate actionable items when we leave these town hall meetings. And it takes people like Ryan Cameron to assist people like me, who do not have the reach or visibility that he does. Speaking of town halls, I also felt the town hall with the President would be a waste of time and it was for the most of us, except for the families who were brought there to speak directly with the President. Haven't we learned that the President is not the most powerful person in America? Why do we keep asking him what he is going to do about all of our problems. He can't even get gun control passed. Those grand standing senators in Washington can get it done but won't. And this leads me to another story. Back in 2014, there was a young man running for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District seat. I no longer live there but my family still does. Martha Roby, who holds the seat, only represents the interests of a small percentage of her constituents. I felt the time was right for a change so i reached out to Erick and offered him my assistance in any way possible. He gave me his campaign literature and I did my best to disseminate his materials in a city where I no longer lived. I also posted info about his campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Needless to say, he didn't win. What bothered me the most is that not many people shared the info I shared (2 shares)....the same people who complained about not having any representation in Washington. The same people who didn't go out and vote. If you remember, the turn out in those mid term elections was poor.

So Mr. Ryan Cameron, I am involved and engaged. I need the help of people like yourself who have influence and a large following, who are willing to do a little extra. Although not obligated, we all should do a little extra.

My wife looks at me crazy sometimes when I say most problems have simple solutions but I truly believe that. The solutions are simple, but the execution is what we need to work on. So I will take a little time and throw out some of the common sense things we can do to achieve change.

1. VOTE: Even if you don't believe in the process, try it anyway. It won't hurt anything. The people who have the largest impact on our lives are elected and they are on the local level. Judges are elected, Mayors are elected. District Attorneys are elected. Get the point. And stop criticizing the people who are active voters.

2. COMPLAIN: Whenever you have a negative interaction with the police or any public figure, file a complaint. Documentation is key. Paper trails are key. Most public figures are on social media. Post to their Facebook pages daily. Send them tweets. Send them emails. Call their phones. Send physical letters.

3. CLEAN UP YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE: Each time some unarmed individual is killed by the police, the media and police dig through their Facebook and Twitter pages to find the worst representation of the victims. If that stuff doesn't exist, it can't be re-posted. Change the visuals and the narrative.

4. CALL YOUR NON-AFRICAN AMERICAN FRIENDS TO THE CARPET: Friends help friends. People who turn a blind eye to a friend in need or trouble is not a friend. If they are not for you, they are against you. Ask them how they feel about the current situation and ask how they plan on assisting with a resolution. We have to influence our peers to influence their peers.

5. USE MONEY TO INFLUENCE PUBLIC POLICY: The NRA owns Congress and it's not illegal. Why don't we do the same? Why won't some of all these black millionaires buy a senator or two? Why not contribute to a campaign or two? Equal the playing field. Play the same game...chess, not checkers.

6. POLICE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: We have to change and reform the police department as a whole. We need to find the money to raise the pay of police officers to attract more officers and get rid of these over worked and under paid conditions. We have to stop allowing police officers to change jobs like clothes when they are involved in questionable and illegal shooting incidents. We require teachers, nurses, corporate professionals, etc to take professional learning classes to keep their jobs. Why not implement that in the police department? Why not require them to attend community events which will allow them to get to know the people in the neighborhoods they serve? We have to push for law changes that police departments can exploit and hide behind when an unarmed individual in killed. Most importantly, we need to make it illegal to fire cops who speak out against other cops.

7. VOCABULARY: Can we please stop using the words protest, march, and boycott? We need a new vocabulary. This isn't meant to offend or disrespect our forefathers. This change we demand doesn't always need a black face. The media puts a negative spin on those words and others automatically assume it's a black cause and do nothing to get involved. Those words instantly cause people to put their guard up. Let's say we need to support black-owned and minority businesses more often as opposed to saying we need to boycott a big box store like Walmart, which never works. Do you believe the "Occupy" movement would have been as big if it was called something like a sit in or the like? Sometimes we need to fly under the radar for a greater impact.

8. UNITE AND ORGANIZE: We have to come together and work together to get things done. The big man on the block needs the little man and vice versa. We need access to people in high places and we need people in the public eye to help establish those relationships. We need high profile lawyers to take a case or two pro bono or at a reduced rate sometimes. We need to get people registered to vote at ALL events...awards shows and parties included. Let everyone with a "I Voted" sticker into your club or event for free, if that's legal. We need to be creative. We are creative. We need to give the little man a monthly platform on some of the syndicated radio and TV shows. We need to use the churches for strategic planning sessions as they did in the old days.

I will leave you with a clip from the ESPN show His and Hers starring Michael Smith and Jemele Hill. Jemele puts the President's job in perspective. Her thoughts on change are dead on with mine. I am just glad someone with a greater reach than mine said something....something similar to the things I write about and tweet about religiously.

I have also included a tweet in response to something spoken by John Legend. No one listens to the little man. Like a broken record, we need our stars and entertainers to be out front, Mr. Ryan Cameron. We need consistent voices in good times and bad...during the election cycle and beyond...year round.

The last thing I will leave you with is a song written over a year ago by Jean Batiste that touches on the deaths of our unarmed people, produced by me. Take a listen. Jean Batiste is also trying to start his own school. Yeah, he is not a "rapper". He is an educator also trying to make a change.